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Call for papers

The International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS) announces the Fifth Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies: The communicative body in development, to take place in Lund, Sweden, July 24–27, 2012.

The conference celebrates the tenth anniversary of the ISGS. Established in 2002, the ISGS is an international organization that gathers scholars interested in gesture and bodily communicative behaviour, different approaches to sign language, and communication in non-human species. Through its biennial conference series the ISGS constitutes a meeting place for researchers approaching the study of bodily communication from a range of different perspectives.

The theme of the fifth conference of ISGS is The Communicative Body in Development. Development is to be understood broadly as any change, typical or atypical, in bodily communicative behaviour across the lifespan, synchronically or diachronically, onto- and phylogenetically, and across species. The conference also welcomes all topics on bodily communication, studied in all settings, and from all theoretical and disciplinary perspectives.

Plenary speakers (confirmed)

Michael C. Corballis, University of Auckland
Jana M. Iverson, University of Pittsburgh
Spencer Kelly, Colgate University
Stefan Kopp, Bielefeld University
Lorenza Mondada, University of Basel
Wendy Sandler, University of Haifa


We invite abstracts (max 300 words) of unpublished work for individual papers, posters, and thematic panels.
Papers will be 30 minutes; 20 minutes for presentation and 10 for discussion.
Thematic panels are welcome and encouraged. The thematic panels should focus on a well-defined research topic. Each panel will be allocated 2 hours, which should include opening and closing remarks, individual papers, discussants (if included) and general discussion.
Posters are intended as a format for reports on work in progress.

Each author may submit no more than three abstracts and no more than one of these as first author.

Important dates

February 13, 2012: deadline for all submissions
April 13, 2012: notification of acceptance
July 24-27, 2012: conference, starting in the morning July 24, closing in the afternoon on July 27.

Conference language

The conference language is English. Sign language interpreters will be available.

Local committee

Prof. Marianne Gullberg, Lund University
Dr. Mats Andrén, Lund University
Prof. Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen, University of Copenhagen
Dr. Maria Graziano, Lund University
Dr. Agneta Gulz, Lund University
Dr. Elaine Madsen, Lund University
Sandra Debreslioska, MA, Lund University
Maja Petersson, MA, Lund University



A number of photo albums were added to the new photos page. Thanks to the contributors!


The ISGS 5 conference is now over and we would like to thank everyone involved for their contributions! If you have photos from the event that you would like us to put up at the web site, please send them to us. If you presented a poster at the conference and want us to put this up on the website, please send that too. The posters will be put up on a password protected page — to avoid concerns with not yet published results — and the password will be sent out to all conference participants.


On-site registration opens at 8 AM in the morning tomorrow (Tuesday).


The welcome reception will NOT take place in the university building, as previously stated. See the Social events page for details.


Follow ISGS 5 on twitter.


Online registration will close on Sunday the 22:th of July. After that, all registration is handled at the conference venue.


The Book of Abstracts is now available! Information on the social events has been added on a separate page. The Conference Schedule is updated (very slightly). More exact information about the location of the conference venue has been added to the information page.


Version 5 of the Preliminary Conference Schedule is available and plenary abstracts have been added.


Version 3 of the Preliminary Conference Program is now available.


The Preliminary Conference Program is now available.


About posters: The boards that will be used for holding the posters on ISGS5 are 90 centimeters wide and 190 centimeters high. An email with more info will be sent out to all Poster presenters.


Notifications of acceptance or rejection of submitted abstracts have been sent out by email. It is now possible to register for the conference.


The deadline has now passed and the reviewing process has started.


Deadline for submission of abstracts and panel proposals is extended to February 13!


It is now possible to submit abstracts and panel proposals.


Scientific committee added.


Call for papers sent out and web site launched.

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