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Practical information

Getting to Lund C

There are two airports to chose from. The first, and largest, is Copenhagen airport (Kastrup). Although Copenhagen is located in Denmark rather than Sweden, it is still very close to Lund. There are trains going directly and frequently from Kastrup to Lund C and the ride is approximately 35 minutes. Note that you must buy a ticket before entering this train as no tickets are sold aboard. The other airport available is Malmö Airport and there are buses going directly from there to Lund C. Malmö airport is also very close to Lund.

Getting from Lund C to the venue

The walking distance from the train station to the conference venue — Lund University Conference Centre — is a 5-minute walk from the train station and 5-10 minutes walk from most hotels. The map below shows how to walk from the railway station to the venue.

Click here for a full view of the ISGS 5 map.

The venue

Lund University Conference Centre is located in the heart of Lund. All buildings are located in the upper part of a park named Lundagård, located around a fountain. In the image below, you can see the fountain to the left and the relevant buildings (1–4) surrouding the fountain.

  1. Universitetshuset (Lund University Main building)
    • Not used. It was previously stated that the welcome reception would be situated here, but this has been changed. See the Social events page for details.
    • Entrance from the park side.
    • Address: Paradisgatan 2, 22350, Lund
  2. Palaestra et Odeum
    • Most talks, and all posters, will be presented in this building. This is also where you find the registration desk.
    • Entrance from the park side.
    • Address: Paradisgatan 4, 223 50 Lund
  3. Kungshuset (The King's House)
    • Talks scheduled for "Room 5" take place in this building.
    • Entrance in the tower, from the opposite side of the house from the fountain.
    • Address: Lundagård, 222 22 Lund
  4. AF-borgen (Castle of the Academic Association)
    • Lunch is served in this building
    • Entrance from the park side.

All rooms are equipped with computers and projectors for computer use. Wireless Internet is also available. Log-on information will be provided with the registration materials.

You can pick up your conference bag at the registration desk in Palaestra starting July 24 at 8.00. Registration will be possible throughout the conference at the information desk.

Hotels and accomodation

There are plenty of hotels available in the vicinity. It is possible to reserve hotel rooms at a discounted price through the conference registration system:

» registration page (including hotel reservation).
» hotel deals (info on discounted prices — PDF file).

If you are looking for other alternatives than hotels, or other hotels, you may find some useful information on the links below. There are no special deals connected to the conference for the options below:

» Bed and breakfasts
» The train (a youth hostel)
» AirBnb (Search for "Lund, Sweden")
» Six rooms in shared house
» Lund University Guest House (single room 500 SEK/night, double room 600 SEK/night, breakfast 95 SEK)
» Search for hotels in Lund
» CouchSurfing

Transport in and around Lund

Lund centre is small and easily navigable on foot. Taxis are generally expensive in Sweden (although there are special rates between Malmö-Lund).

  • Lunda Mini Taxi, Phone: +46-(0)46-20 20 20.
  • Taxi M Lund, Phone: + 46-(0)46-12 12 12.

If you want to take buses within Lund, and/or if you are planning to discover the surrounding region by public transport, please keep the following in mind:

There are two types of buses: the green ones are local (only within Lund) and the yellow ones are regional and offer service within the whole region of Skane. You CANNOT buy tickets on any of these buses. Tickets need to be purchased at a customer service center or specific retailers before boarding. The same is valid for trains. Follow this link for all ticket selling locations in Lund:

You can buy a JOJO card which you load with money (200SEK minimum) and can use on local as well as regional buses via card reader. You can also use JOJO card to buy train tickets at vending machines, customer service centers and retailers. You get 20% off all rides when using JOJO card. Check this link out for further information:

If, and only if, you have a cell phone with a swedish account, you can buy tickets through your phone. In short; send a text message saying "LUV" to 72040:

For more useful information, see this link:

Further information

» Lund on Wikipedia
» An article about Lund from NY Times.
» Tourist information (official site)
» Lund University
» Photos of Lund



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On-site registration opens at 8 AM in the morning tomorrow (Tuesday).


The welcome reception will NOT take place in the university building, as previously stated. See the Social events page for details.


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The Preliminary Conference Program is now available.


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